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Sports and Active Nutrition  - 11 June 2024


In today’s world, sports nutrition is no longer just for professional athletes. The sports nutrition segment encompasses consumers of all ages and different life stages. As a result, the category needs to cater to varied needs.

According to research on consumer preferences for food supplements, individuals actively seek out and distinguish between foods and supplements based on their specific purposes and intended benefits. This highlights the growing awareness and demand for targeted nutrition solutions that address unique dietary needs and support various health goals across consumer demographics.

Join this Vitafoods Insights webinar on Sports and Active Nutrition and:

  • Uncover the latest trends and innovations in sports nutrition, gaining insights into consumer preferences and market dynamics.
  • Delve into nutraceutical interventions designed to improve athletic performance.
  • Engage with experts and learn effective marketing strategies to connect with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active individuals.

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